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Fabrimaq, Lda. was incorporated in 1990 by the partners Lúcio Ponte and Anabela Ponte, as a consequence of its founder’s professional experience. The company started its activity in the glass industry but has rapidly broaden its client portfolio by expanding its products to the area of ceramics, rock dust manufacture, carbonates and silicas transformation, animal food and general metalworking.


Company facilities comprise a covered area of 1.600 m2, located in a plot with about 5.000 m2 and include all tools required for the good execution of all works and therefore adequate for company’s current production.

Fabrimaq, Lda. is a PME Líder since 2010. After a long journey of working by the highest rigour and excellence standards and following the expansion to new markets, the company was awarded with the distinction of PME Excelência in 2017.

FABRIMAQ is currently working for different external markets, from which the French, Polish, Spanish and Italian markets stand out due to their business volume.


The company works with several machinery manufacturers and all machinery is executed according to the required technical skills and quality.



We further provide the following services:

- Sheet cutting

- Sheet bending

- Cutting and perforation of profiles

- Welding

- Calendering

- Painting



All our services are provided in compliance with the quality standards defined by our Quality Management System, certified by Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015.


The company holds a total area of 5000 square metres that includes more than 1600 covered square metres, therefore allowing the easy access of heavy vehicles to loading and unloading areas.


FABRIMAQ’s administration sees each new project as a challenge and uses all the experience gained over more than 25 years of existence to overcome such challenges.

Technical Production Support Office

Whether projects are already defined or are still in study phase, our technical production support office will be able to advise you on the conceptual development of the best solutions for your needs.


Warehouse for finished products waiting to be shipped.

Cutting and Bending Area

We have a guillotine and a bending machine, and we further provide exclusive cutting and bending services.


Our main calender makes pipes from several types of sheets with dimensions from 250 mm of diameter with variable thicknesses.


Our overall production area encompasses 1.600 square metres and is equipped with all machinery and tools required for the good execution of our works.


Our punching machine allow us to drill holes up to 40 mm, and to cut rods, angle brackets, grooves, etc. It includes a device for more accurate perforation and a magnetic device ideal for perforating beams and profiles.

Cutting / Preparation

We have 4 band saws that allow us to make all cuts needed in our production.

Raw Materials Storage

We have two raw material storage areas, one for pipes, rods and profiles and other for sheet storage. Items are sorted by material thickness and class.

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FABRIMAQ works with several machinery manufacturers and all machinery is executed according to the required technical skills and quality. .

Fabrimaq – all about Quality!

All our works and services are provided in compliance with the quality standards defined by our Quality Management System, certified by Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015.



Quality Policy

FABRIMAQ executes its iron and stainless-steel metalworking services aiming at meeting and satisfying its client’s needs and expectations. By means of the company quality system, Company Management undertakes to comply with all applicable legal requirements and standards, therefore relying on the following principles:

- Complying with all requirements agreed with clients, namely product quality, delivery deadlines and provided technical information;

- Promoting the permanent development of employees’ skills by providing them with the required training, means and responsibilities for the proper execution of their duties;

- Fostering cooperation between suppliers, by providing them with knowledge and information aiming at mutual growth;

- Ensuring Quality Management System compliance for permanent improvement.




(Approved by the Management 01/02/2018)



Technical Production Support Office



Our great experience gained through several services and in diverse operation industries has allowed us to gather a significant amount of know-how for the development of any type of projects while directly cooperating with our clients. The great versatility and complementarity of our services allow us to take any challenge. Our guiding principles are our high standards, full commitment with deadlines, and production quality and rigour.

We do pipe construction, assembly and maintenance works. We work with carbon-steel and stainless-steel pipes, square, rectangular and round pipes, and conductive pipes for several applications and industries

We think and manufacture equipment and machinery for several industries. Our company has all human and material resources required for the development of any work. We are highly experienced and have gained great knowledge throughout the years in several operation sectors and different markets worldwide.

Stainless-Steel and Carbon-Steel


At FABRIMAQ we work with diverse materials, especially carbon-steel and stainless-steel. Our machinery and tools allow us to work with these and many other raw materials. In conjunction with our clients, we develop everything from the project to end products, according to their needs. Our technical team has the know-how required for the idealisation of different solutions. Our work is rigorous, and we have several control mechanisms in place from production to end products.

We work with several materials (carbon-steel, stainless-steel, weathering steel, aluminium, tin, copper, brass, steel).

We develop everything from concept to production. Our technical department, in conjunction with clients, develops the best solution for their needs. We manufacture series parts or customised parts. Our team is highly experienced in several activity sectors.

We ensure quality and compliance with deadlines for all works and services provided by us.

Timeliness & Quality!

Great Experience and Know How

Our company has the knowledge required for our works, which results from the experience we gained in a variety of activity sectors.


The Quality Management System of FABRIMAQ is certified pursuant to STANDARD NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

Employee Training

We invest in training our employees with discretion and according to their needs.

Permanent Investment

We are constantly seeking the best market solutions to match machinery and tools with production needs.



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